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Lex Barker / Na moře (Music Video)

Music video I directed and created for a pilot song of the new album by Lex Barker (
The base of story was laid down by members of the band. It depicts the journey of the man chasing his dreams which leads him to the bottom of the legendary Maelstrom which E. A. Poe was writing about.
I started the project traditionaly by making a storyboard which I used first to sell the idea and second as a guide for splitting and naming the shots. Before production I spent time creating and testing tools in Houdini which would make things easier and faster during the process. As I approached to the production I made several changes in the shots which supported the story better. I was switching simultaneously between all softwares for modelling, lighting, compositing, editing then to get the final result.
Thanks to the Houdini tools and rendering with Redshift I could iterate very fast and efficiently and the whole process was much more enjoyable.

LEX BARKER - Na Moře (Music Video)

Selected shots / Breakdown

Some of the Houdini tools I have been frequently using during the project

Original Storyboard

Original Storyboard