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Simple Procedural House WIP

Work In Progress / 13 August 2020

Sometimes it's nice to come back with a fresh point of view to older on-hold projects. This simple semi-procedural house is more like a shortcut for creating the variations and having a chance to go back and change things rather than the complete house generator. And that's exactly what I need for the project :) 


Stylisation tests

Work In Progress / 31 July 2020

Exploration and having fun with some stylised shaders and shapes.

UE4 - First Steps

Work In Progress / 16 May 2020

So I couldn't resist either and started to look into the Unreal Engine. It caught me from the first moment.
It is a huge amount of things to learn and explore but all of it looks like really enjoyable stuff so I can't wait to dive in more :)


Toon test in Redshift

Work In Progress / 06 May 2020

I am really in love with this stylized shading. :)

HouseBuilder WIP Update 01

Work In Progress / 19 January 2020

Several unique modules/props for my Houdini house generator I am working on. Super fun to get back into Maya for some poly modelling and Substance for texture generating and painting. 

House builder WIP

Work In Progress / 18 December 2019

Another playing around and learning with Houdini. Early WIP, this time HDA of basic Georgian house generator.

Snow cover with icicles in Houdini

Work In Progress / 23 October 2019

Having fun with procedural snow and icicles in Houdini. A super early prototype of the digital asset I am making for my upcoming project. Stay tuned :).

Color/Light Studies

Work In Progress / 07 July 2019

As I quite underestimate the value of light and color and was inspired by the great tips in tutorials from Stephane Wootha Richard, I started with some color/light studies. These are the ones I did last week. They are mostly copies of the keyframes from movies. I try to completely avoid using the color picker and guess the colors instead which really helps me to observe and learn. 

Kitbash Kit / Part02

Work In Progress / 15 February 2019

Keeping on daily subD exercising and the kitbash kit for my future projects is starting to grow. 6 more pieces combined with some of the previous ones.

Kitbash Kit WIP

Work In Progress / 06 February 2019

Playing around with my few kitbash pieces (6 so far). No textures, only one basic shader. I also wanted to start testing the lighting with the new Maya 2019 and Arnold.